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It is finally possible to delete or edit a text message sent using your iPhone

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That’s it: it is now possible to delete and modify text messages… after they have been sent. Here’s what might change on your iPhone with the new iOS update.

We’ve all been through this situation where we send a text message too quickly that is full of error, or worse yet, to the wrong person! In the past, nothing could have been done if this happened, but that time is up.

Apple introduced many new features with the iOS16 update and there they are.


This feature is long overdue: it is now possible to edit and delete a text message that was recently sent using the iMessage messaging app. You can also mark messages as unread to remind you to read them later.

unlock screen

The unlock screen is the most useful component of this update.

subordinate widgets Added to allow users to customize the screen when the phone is locked. You will have access, at a glance, to a wealth of information, such as upcoming calendar events, battery level of your connected devices, alerts, time zones, daily activity tracking, etc.

We can also modify the font, clock color and date color to better match the wallpaper.


Mail users can now schedule an email to be sent and delete an email that was just sent.

The reminder function is integrated into emails there as well. Thus, when a callback is requested, the respective message will appear at the top of the list. Old sent emails will also appear at the top of the inbox, as in Gmail, prompting the user to continue.

medication tracking

iOS 16 has updated the Health app, which now allows you to create a medication list to track your intake of medications, vitamins, and supplements.

These features are just a few of the many improvements now available with iOS 16. To see the full list of new features, Go to the Apple website.

How do you update your iPhone?

To take advantage of all these new features, download the latest version of the operating system as follows:

  • Open the app Settings on your iPhone;
  • Enter general, then in Programming, then in Modernization.

Make sure the battery has enough power, otherwise connect your phone to charge. The software is available on iPhone 8 and later.

Also, it is important to note that iPadOS will not be updated to version 16. An update will be released later such as iPadOS 16.1.

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