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It is now possible to securely reveal passwords

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called Psst! – NS Secure Password Sharing Tool (Secure Password Sharing Tool) – The service acts somewhat like a document from a Google group (Documents, Sheets, Slides, etc.) that you grant access to to a limited number of people or members of an organization.

1Password suggests creating a secure URL containing connection identifiers, which can be accessed for 1 hour to 30 days, depending on the parameters chosen by the Internet user. If the transmission is to only one person, the latter must verify their identity with a code sent to their email address before the data can be accessed.

According to a study by 1Password, 36% of workers admit to sharing their login information with their co-workers or clients. These people transmit this data through insecure channels, such as email, messaging apps, spreadsheets, documents, or text messages.

Another survey by the password management company, which has about 100,000 business customers, found that families tend to share their credentials among their members, also in insecure ways, such as texting or typing on the phone.

The ability to give out passwords and other credentials outside of a single company or family was one of the most requested features [à 1Password].

Quote from:Jeff Shiner, PDG de 1Password

You do not need to have an account with the company to access the information in the link. An account is required only for the person or company that owns the password.

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