It’s called stubborn. It’s that simple.

Max Dome striker He appears to be in trouble with Blue Jackets While the former CH is currently relegated to the fourth streak by coach John Tortorella.

Tortorella admits the situation is “alarming”. Our analyst Maxim Labier sees something else.

He told JC on Thursday: “A man like Domi, he’s very talented, when I look at that, as a fourth-streak player who has no hand, that pisses me off.” Because he has one thing to do and that is to do what the coach says. It is very simple! “

“All the other tools he has, he just has to work and focus on the system,” the agitator continued. It’s called stubborn, it’s that simple. “

In his part of the day, Maxim also returned to the Buffalo issue will feature more specifically striker Taylor Hall, a player he found talented but never liked.

“I think he is just waiting for an opportunity, an easy game to collect his points,” he said, adding that he does not want to include him in his team.

In short, Maxim was in great shape and can be seen in the main video!

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