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When storyboards are more than just entertainment

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Thursday February 18, 2021 at 06:46 – In a park in the Villeray area of ​​Montreal, the author of the children’s albums, Frederic Antoine, gave me an appointment. He wanted to introduce me to his character, Jimmy. Gorilla looks like a special agent.

So we follow the adventures of these two young adventurers, Jimmy and his sister Lobby, members of the Tornado Foundation, which works specifically for the well-being of the environment.

Adventures Jimmy Tornado It arose a few years ago, in the pages of the scientific journal Les Débrouillards.

* “The great thing is that adventure comics are family cartoons that anyone can read.” – Frederick Antoine *

The story of this adventure illustrated takes place all over the world. Jimmy and his sister Lobby, two young adventurers, are members of the Tornado Foundation in good standing. This institution works specifically for the well-being of the environment with a flair for science and technology. Teens love it very much!

“Perhaps it is easier to deliver messages through animals.” – Frederick Antoine

And our teens are very concerned about the environment. Little Swedish Greta Thunberg It will be an inspiration to many in particular.

There are many ways to help protect the environment. There are millions of participating citizens around the world. In Canada only, 17% of Canadian households Volunteer to participate in activities aimed at protecting the environment or wildlife.

This year, April 22, it will be 51 years old, since April 22, 1970, which is what we highlight Earth day. The event became the most important participatory movement on the planet.

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Last year, the pandemic required that the event be held virtually. This may be the case again this year.

If we refer to 2020, then the NASA I created a special section dedicated to this event. And site Earth day She offered ideas for activities related to the family or alone.

Because our planet is fragile, I conclude with an excerpt from the book Pale blue dotBy astronomer Carl Sagan.

“Look at this point. It is here. It is our home. This is us. Above every person you love, every person you know, everyone you have heard of before, all people who have lived (…) have lived here all the saints and sinners in the history of our species. … on this spot of dust hanging in a ray of sunlight. ” Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot, 1994

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