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It’s hard to recruit volunteer firefighters in the Acadian Peninsula

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Other municipalities understand that this is an option that must be taken into account.

Firefighters at work.

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In Lamek, the municipality’s large electronic board was recently used to launch a call for the recruitment of volunteer firefighters.

The municipality has a brigade of 21 firefighters. However, the number of the brigade should be 24 or 25 people, according to Mayor Gul Hachi.

higher demands

He finds recruiting firefighters always a challenge.

There must be an alternative, He says. It is always on a voluntary basis. We have just hired two young guys who are starting the business. But, there is still room for more. We are currently hiring.

Jules Hachi.

Jules Hatchey, Mayor of Lamek.

Photo: Radio Canada

A discussion with the brigade chief allowed him to understand how the requirements for training were much higher than in the past.

Level 1 courses doubled in time, he explains. What used to be 40 hours of training became more than 100 hours of training. It’s two and a half weeks full time. So we have to free ourselves up on the weekend to follow through. It’s a lot of commitment, says Jules Hatchi.

Two professional firefighters in Neguac

In Neguac, two professional firefighters have just been hired. They will also be assigned to public works.

The mayor, George R. Savoy, explains that these two firefighters will be able to support volunteers.

The volunteers are dedicated and do a great job putting out the fires, Determines. But we need their support during the day so they can continue to do the excellent work they are doing the rest of the time.

According to him, the employment of professional firefighters is a phenomenon that can grow in municipalities. Jules Haché, in Lamèque, is also of this view.

Trakady Regional Municipality has already chosen this option and has full-time firefighters in its brigade.

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