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It’s heartbreaking (Trudeau)

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AA / Montreal / Hatem Katto

“It is heartbreaking,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke in Montreal on Monday, commenting on the chaotic situation, in particular, the state of the civilian population in the Afghan capital, Kabul, after the entry of the Taliban.

The Canadian Prime Minister was answering questions from journalists present during a visit to a company in the southern suburbs of Montreal, on the second day of the election campaign on September 20, which was dominated by events in Afghanistan.

“We’ve all been touched by the images of desperation we’ve seen since yesterday,” Trudeau said of the chaotic situation, in particular, on the tarmac in Kabul and elsewhere in the Afghan capital.

The prime minister added: “Like all Canadians, I was horrified by these scenes that we saw at Kabul airport, this desperation we see among the people who, for many, were there to help. Canadians.”

While noting that Ottawa has announced its intention to welcome about 20,000 Canadian refugees, Trudeau noted that “we continue to work with our partners, the United States, the United Kingdom and others, to evacuate as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.”

Canada has so far hosted, according to figures provided by Trudeau, “807 Afghans”, during the evacuation of “34 Canadian diplomats, Canadian Armed Forces personnel, international diplomats and 5 NATO personnel.”

“Obviously the situation is very difficult now, so we are constantly coordinating with our allies to see how we will be able to help others out,” he said.

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Trudeau concluded his response to reporters’ questions about the situation in Afghanistan, saying that “members of the Canadian Armed Forces special units remain on the ground to help US soldiers secure the area where the airport is located. Kabul, until evacuations” can resume.”

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