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“It’s like the resurrection.” VAT news

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After two weeks trapped underground, two men, survivors of a mine accident in China, on Tuesday expressed their joy and relief from their hospital beds on public television.

An explosion on January 10 blocked the exit of a gold mine in Qixia, eastern Shandong Province, trapping 22 miners hundreds of meters deep.

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A total of 10 men were killed and one is still missing. On Sunday, however, rescuers managed to save 10, who were hailed victoriously on the roof in front of the cameras.

“It’s like the resurrection,” Mr. Du, one of the minor survivors, told public CCTV television from his hospital bed, wearing pajamas and physically clear.

For nine days, we had nothing to eat. But when we heard that a hole had been dug, we all stood up. The feeling we felt at that time was indescribable. “

A week after the tragedy, rescuers managed to contact a group of 11 minors, including Mr. Du.

Rescuers had dug a canal through which food, medicine and vitamins were delivered, allowing the exhausted men to regain their strength.

“We knew very well that it was very difficult to dig that deep.” “We were nearly 600 meters underground,” another survivor named Wang told CCTV.

“We are relieved that the authorities did not give up,” he added.

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Authorities said on Monday that the surviving minors were in “stable” condition and were receiving a personal medical team in addition to psychological support.

The state of mind of the men was completely variable. Some were pessimists, others were optimists. We were able to get away with it because we were console each other, and we encouraged each other, ”Du said.

Rescue operations have been complicated by rock resistance and high water levels in some corridors of the mine.

Rescuers lost valuable time immediately after the accident, as it was not made public until the day after it happened.

Two officials from Qixia town – the local Communist Party leader and mayor – have already been dismissed after the delay. An investigation is also being conducted to determine the causes of the tragedy.

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