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“It’s the cornerstone of the team.”

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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The successes the Black Hawk are currently achieving are no strangers to goalkeeper Kevin Lankienen’s performance.

That’s what Chicago goalkeeper Jimmy White said in his interview with Jean Charles Lagoi on Thursday.

“He’s the cornerstone of the team now. Sure, the others are playing well against him as well. The special teams do the job too.”

While Lankinen was a stranger to many fans before the season kicked off, Waite says the Blackhawks have been waiting for him for a while, and they weren’t surprised to see him succeed.

“He’s a Finn with our organization for three years. He stood out at the World Championships two years ago. He played really well and was an inspiration for his team. This is where we saw his potential. He’s the last to be surprised to see his success. He exudes a lot of confidence.”

The goalkeeper coach also admits that his new goalkeeper was able to bridge the gap left by the departure of Corey Crawford.

“Losing Crawford and Liner is definitely agonizing. It was natural for the experts to think that we don’t have any heavy-caliber goalkeepers. But we haven’t decided to go in that direction without knowing we had good guys. There are still some questions, but Lankinen. He has done very well since the beginning of the season. “

As for the former Moncton Wildcats goalkeeper, White has said he’s disappointed to see his career end that way. But he thinks things could have been completely different.

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“I think Corrie still has at least two good seasons ahead. I think not being in Chicago anymore and signing in New Jersey means that the heart is not there anymore. I am convinced that if we signed with him, he would still be playing this season.”

Watch Witt’s interview in the video above.

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