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Return of the Nordic Countries: Minister Eric Gerrard meets with Gary Pittman on Thursday

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The scheduled meeting between the finance minister, Eric Gerrard, and the NHL commissioner to talk about a possible return of the Nordiques to Quebec will take place Thursday morning, in a virtual fashion.

The information was first reported by duty It was later confirmed in magazine, by the NHL and a member of the Minister’s Office.

“We look forward to this meeting and are pleased to hear,” Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly replied via email, when asked to express his expectations.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Office has obtained confirmation that Bateman and his right-hand man Daly will represent the NHL, while Mr. Girard and his deputy, Pierre Côté, will speak on behalf of Quebec at this meeting.

And on whether he who is called “Minister of the Nordic Countries” will be present at the end of the meeting with the monks of the National League to give his impressions, he informed his Cabinet: magazine That “this is not currently planned”.

The Nordic family left for Colorado in May 1995 and the government would like to convince district leaders that Quebec’s economy is stronger than it was at the time.

Not in New York

During the summer, Prime Minister Legault commissioned Mr. Gerrard to work on this file. Information spread in November and opposition parties quickly denounced what they saw as a misrepresentation until the government became less prosecuted in its handling of the epidemic.

Initially, the meeting was scheduled to take place in New York, at the NHL offices, but COVID-19 thwarted the plans. The proliferation of the Omicron variant cooled the parties involved.

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Batman doesn’t promise anything

In December, at the NHL governors meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, Pittman hinted at the meeting.

“I don’t know what the expectations are [du gouvernement] This is the reason for the meeting. Don’t try to infer anything. after l MeetingI’ll be happy to tell you what happened and what didn’t.”

And according to his customs, he was careful not to kindle the flame of the Nordic return lovers.

“The problem is still the same. Do we have a team that wants to move? At present, that is not the case. Do we want to do another expansion? As we speak, we do not have that desire. I will attend this meeting and I am happy to hear what the Quebec government will tell me,” explained.

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