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Jagmeet Singh supports the continuous operation of the Fifth Line oil pipeline

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NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is on the side of the Line 5 pipeline advocates, as is the Justin Trudeau government in the dispute between Enbridge oil company and the state of Michigan. Mr. Singh assures us that his party remains “pro-green” despite everything. But the Green Party does insist that the NDP is at odds with the environmentalists they claim to support.

The fate of the Line 5 pipeline, which crosses two US states to transport oil from Alerta and Saskatchewan to Ontario and Quebec, is under discussion in court. On Tuesday, the Canadian government participated in the Enbridge trial, which challenges Michigan’s desire to enforce this pipeline shutdown in federal court.

In response to a request for comment on the issue, Jagmit Singh ruled that the pipeline was “necessary” to supply the two largest Canadian provinces.

On Tuesday, Singh insisted: “We are really green.” We want to protect our planet and the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. […] In the future, what we want to create is a sustainable economy where we have more renewable energy. ”But at this moment, [la Ligne 5] It is an essential resource. “

The Greens are already on the offensive

The Greens strongly criticized the National Democratic Party’s support for the LNG pipeline project in northern British Columbia during the 2019 election campaign.

Forces of the incoming president, Anami Ball, did not hesitate to denounce Jagmit Singh’s support for the Fifth Line on Wednesday.

“The Green Party of Canada shares environmentalists in amazement at the position of the National Democratic Party, which also conflicts with the rights of the First Nations,” said spokespeople of the training via e-mail.

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“We strongly disagree with the National Democratic Party. The Canadian Green Party supports the Governor of Michigan,” they laughed, noting that in the event of a leak in the Great Lakes region – through which the Line 5 pipeline passes – “Canadian waters could be affected quickly.”

Jagmeet Singh explains that there is no energy substitute, at the moment, to replace the 540,000 barrels of oil and natural gas that are transported daily through the disputed pipeline.

It is a position that is being taken, in the opinion of former National Democratic Party strategist Karl Pelanger, given that the Line 5 pipeline already exists and that we are not talking about creating a new project that would add to Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions balance.

“The Green Party could make a mix” between support for the LNG project in the west and support for Line 5 in the east, Mr Bellanger acknowledges. But the majority of environmentalists already support the formation of Anami Ball. “The Greens already have the greenest mark. Can this issue push them? I have great doubts,” Mr. Bellanger analyzes.

On the other hand, the National Democratic Party opposes the Quebec LNG pipeline.

The flow continues

Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer – who is very close to President Joe Biden – announced last fall that she would revoke the license for the Fifth Line pipeline from Inbridge. The oil company had until May 12th to turn off the tap.

But Enbridge declined on Wednesday. The Canadian company has warned that it will not stop operating Line 5 unless required by a court to do so.

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Michigan’s attorney general’s office, Dana Nessel, has warned that the state intends to move forward. “We need a court order to claim Enbridge stay [l’oléoduc]. “We will continue to work on obtaining such a request as soon as possible,” spokesperson Lynsey Mocomel said via email. However, the latter acknowledged that it will take some time, as the legal process has to take its course first.

Inbridge and Michigan in mediation.

The Canadian government defends the pipeline and maintains that Canadian energy security is at stake, and the federal government would like to agree on a way out of the crisis with Washington, which is responsible for managing the pipelines, according to Ottawa.

But US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm ruled on Tuesday that the Biden administration would not intervene in the case, which would be settled in court.

The Canadian Chambers of Commerce, Ontario and Michigan added their voices to those backing Enbridge on Wednesday, warning that “the economic risks that the governor’s actions pose to the economies of the Great Lakes region are not in question.”

Governor Whitmire is concerned that an oil spill could completely disrupt the Great Lakes ecosystem. Line 5 crosses a strait about ten kilometers long that connects Lake Huron with Lake Michigan.

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