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Jake Allen a nuisance to Canadian Reconstruction?

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Yesterday the Montreal Canadiens played their first game before next season. On this occasion, we were able to see promising young players in uniform (Kayden Gaul, Jordan Harris, Juraj Slavkowski, Owen Beck, Justin Barron, etc.) while some veterans were dressed up for the match.

Among the pieces, there were the names of Mike Hoffman, Mike Matheson and Jake Allen. It’s up to you if you want to include Cole Caufield’s name in the discussion.

However, the latter looked pretty good last night. It looked easy on Matheson, Coffield scored with a one-timer, Hoffman looked engaged (don’t get me started on that day) and Jake Allen was perfect at the net, stopping all the pucks pointed at him.

The latter is currently fighting for the first place, which is played between him, Samuel Montembeulte and Cayden Primo. That’s what Kent Hughes said last week, at least.

However, we can expect Primeau to start the year in Laval to get as much playing time as possible, which won’t be the case in Montreal. No press, however, given that Canadians are going through a period of rebuilding.

At this level, I was listening to Tony Marinaro’s column on BPM Sports this morning and the former TSN guy made a statement that seemed interesting to me. It goes as follows:

“As long as Jake Allen is with the Canadians, it hurts to rebuild.” Tony Marinaro

I put you the relevant log link, if it exists:

But beware. Marinaro did not say that to throw stones at the guard. Far from it, even.

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Allen appears to be highly regarded by JiC’s collaborator. Tony describes him as a “real hardworking, competitive worker.” A man works 365 days a year. By nature, Allen is “able” to steal games if he performs as he knows how to do.

It is for this reason that it is believed that the goalkeeper could harm the rebuilding of the team. However, Tony wouldn’t be against the idea of ​​trusting Montembeault – Primeau duo this year, “with a view to reconstruction,” for better draft picks.

I understand where it came from and the manager’s point of view is defended. But I still do not agree.

Yes, having a goalkeeper of Jake Allen’s caliber gives you a better chance of winning matches. But Allen isn’t a lifesaver either, and that’s been shown very clearly in the past year. As you know, the goalkeeper has won only 9 out of his 35 starts…

I’m not saying it’s just the goalkeeper’s fault either, but I think you understand the principle.

Why not retain a veteran like him, a guy who won the Stanley Cup with the blues and could help the kids growing up in the institution in any way he could? In this role I see Allen in the future, If he signed an extension of the contract with the team.

And I don’t think it would be better to throw Primo in his face like that. The goal for him is to play as much as possible as I said earlier, so that he develops in the best possible way.

Many of

– It’s good to know.

– Ouch.

– He’s had a good camp so far.

Expectations are high from Petrie, and he knows it.

– What an excellent question.

– He will be joining the Olympics in the next few days.

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