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Jamal Belmadi is “very angry”

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Future from Jamal Belmadi At the head of the national football team’s technical tape it becomes a little uncertain every day.

The most official voice in Algerian football, the liaison officer in the FAF, spoke about this issue and made it clear With my past he is “ very angry ».

« The national team’s record is thorny, and yet to be decided, and the latest developments indicate that the national coach is angry, and very angry, after all that has happened. Salah El-Din Abboud said Tuesday evening to Al-Badeel channel.

Is resignation possible, as is said here and there? “ If there is a resignation, he is the one who announces it clearly, and there are no limits to its frankness. All I can say is that he’s angry. I can’t go any further out of respect for my body, my job, and the man, but I can say he went through a period of anger. », Abboud replies.

For a few days, many observers have been talking about the possible resignation of Gamal Belmadi since the ups and downs that marked the FAF elections.

The national coach that chimes with Kheireddine ZetchiI couldn’t see this one being pushed towards the exit door, for reasons. Extra sport », While her record is more than positive, with the return of the African Cup of Nations from Egypt, a clear improvement in the level of the national team, the launch of training centers, and the stability of the entourage of the English and African Football Association.

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FAF file opened at FIFA level

On his previous rounds, Belmadi expressed his admiration for Zicchi and made comments interpreted as a prelude to his resignation. He would be particularly outraged by the fact that there was an attempt to give him a role in selecting the new head of the FAF.

Earlier this week, popular commentator Hafeez Darraji was the one who had clearly questioned his resignation Jamal Belmadi In an article published on the Arab Post website.

During the same program on Al-Badeel channel, Salah Bey also hinted that with regard to the election of a new president to head the FAF, nothing has been settled towards FIFA, explaining that “ The Algerian federation file is open »At the level of the international body.

« It is true that the General Assembly took place in good conditions, however la FAF Still on FIFA desk. Only when FIFA announces that these elections have been held in good conditions, and it will register Sharafuddin Amara as the new official president of the FAF, will we be comfortable. We congratulate Mr. Amara, but there is still this ghost that we hope will pass », Get to know the president of the Algerian federation.

FIFA has already demanded the harmonization of the Federation’s statutes before the elected General Assembly, which has not happened. Thus, rejection of the results of the General Assembly on April 15, and thus the election of Mr. Amara, is not excluded.

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