Andre de Grasse takes his first steps to the podium in the 200m race

With an excellent start, De Grasse put himself in the top three before slowing down shortly before the finish line. Ontari finished the distance in 20 seconds 56/100, behind Qatar’s Femi Ogundi (20.37) and Turkey’s Ramil Guliyev (20.54).

The person who took silver in the event at the 2016 Rio Olympics will return to the track later on Tuesday. The semi-final matches will begin at approximately 7:50 a.m. (EST).

On this occasion, De Grasse will be accompanied by compatriot Aaron Brown. The Toronto sprinter began his third Olympics by easily winning the qualifying qualifier with a time of 20.38 seconds.

I feel good and am proud to move on to the next role. I’ll have another race tonight so I didn’t want to waste too much energyBrown said as he got off the track.

It will definitely be faster, so I’ll make sure I’m ready. I want to give myself the best chance to reach the final and finish on the podium.

Quote from:Aaron Brown

The last Canadian to compete in the event, Brendon Rodney was unable to secure a place among the 24 athletes who would compete in the semi-finals.

The athlete from Etobicoke, Onton, finished sixth in his warm-up in 20.60 seconds.

Konstantin narrowly reaches the semi-finals

For their part, Kira Constantine and Natasha MacDonald qualified in the 400 metres. The first three times of each wave and the next six times secured their places in the semi-finals on Wednesday.

First off, Constantine got off to a good start to quickly position himself in the top three. However, she lacked energy on the exit from the last corner and finally finished fifth in her wave.

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His time of 51.69 seconds, the twenty-first in the session, barely allowed him to take the next step.

Kira Constantine Station 5e au 400 m

Photo: Getty Images / Matthias Hangst

The experience was great, but I wasn’t too happy with the run. I’ll have to consult my coach to see what adjustments we need to make, but I’ll be back strong in the semi-finals.

Quote from:Kira Constantine

Meanwhile, MacDonald of Mississauga, Ontario, cut 53.54 seconds, putting him at the bottom of his wave.

She is 36th in the cumulative qualification ranking.

Gladel 23 in javelin throwing

The only other maple leaf representative in the first track and field event today, British-Colombian Elizabeth Gledel reached 58.19 meters on her third and final attempt in the qualifying javelin throw.

She is about to throw a spear.

Canada’s Elizabeth Gledel was 11th at the London Olympics, then 16th in Rio.

Photo: Agence France-Presse / Andrei Isaakovic

The 32-year-old finished 11th in his group and was unable to secure his place in the final.

I really didn’t do a good show today. There are no other words to describe my performance. I fell at the first chance and then had to slow down on the second try. Finally, I made a good throw on my last chanceShe said, visibly disappointed at the end of her competition.

It’s frustrating, especially after I had a really good warm-up. But unfortunately, these are things that happen.

Quote from:Elizabeth Gledel, No. 23 in the final standings

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