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Jean Chretien thinks Justin Trudeau should have consulted experienced politicians

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Prime Minister Trudeau’s team has not consulted with Chretien, but that’s okay since then it’s not [sa] the responsibility To advise her, confirms in an interview broadcast on the program Rosemary Barton Live From CBC Sunday.

But he thinks she would have been better off in the investigation old guard.

Sometimes I think they would have been better served if they sought to have older, experienced people with them.

Quote from:Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada

Mr Chretien says he is not passing judgment on the current liberal government. But in a book to be released on Tuesday in English, he wrote that if Mr Trudeau and his team aspire to become reformers on a large scale, and their lack of experience is increasingly evident to succeed..

Indeed, he argues, the rejection of politicians and politics in the past is part of the identity of a liberal Justin Trudeau. They say to those who want to hear that one of their great successes is putting aside the old guard, also provides reports in My Stories, My Times, Vol. 2.

The former prime minister makes it clear that if he believed in the value of the previous generation’s experience, it was because he benefited from it, when in 1966 he was promoted to Parliamentary Secretary to Mitchell Sharp, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson (nicknamed by his relatives Mike).

Mitchell Sharp was chosen by Mike Pearson to coach me and I think it was rather – perhaps – a success., He says.

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However, Chretien insists he is not criticizing Justin Trudeau’s decisions, and says he just wants to point out that the two men have a very different approach to politics.

Jean Chretien and Justin Trudeau, in October 2015.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jonathan Heyward

vast country

Jean Chretien also talks about the challenges of building a strong federal government that represents the entire country.

It’s tough because you have all kinds of limitations, he says. You must have at least one representative from each county and have a problem with language, religion, gender, etc.

And you know that for a satisfied person, there are 10 very unhappy people, he continues. It is a very difficult task and you are on your own.

He notes that Mr. Chretien formed a council, while sitting at the table of a restaurant in Korea, writing the names of his future ministers and their briefcases which might fit them on paper. A letter from the restaurant he kept as a souvenir.

The former prime minister, who led three majority governments between 1993 and 2003, would not have disliked leading a minority government like Justin Trudeau, he says, a man who loves to negotiate deals and compromises.

I told Justin after the second election somehow [il avait] Lucky, he says. I have never had a minority government. For me, who loves politics, I’ve always thought it would be politics at its best.

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