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Jean Pascal tempts the referees and beats Meng Fanlong

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Even if he offered some flashes of past greatness, Pascal (36-6-1) had a poor start to the fight, Saturday night, in Tampa, against Fanlong (17-1, 10 KOs), who thus suffered the first setback of his career.

The slow start and chaotic start of the fight could have cost Pascal dearly, as he won favor with the three judges 115-112, 114-113 and 116-111.

But Pascal allowed Meng to win and made a comfortable lead. It was without relying on Pascal’s aggressiveness and experience, and he suddenly became even more attractive.

I feel good. I could have done 24 rounds. It hurt my long lethargy at the start of the fight. Meng is a good boxer and he gave me what I expected from him. »

Quote from John Pascal

After the first round of observation in which few punches were exchanged, Meng began adjusting the distance to score repeatedly with his straight right.

The Long Chinese Left forcefully touched Pascal’s face twice to the point of shaking him. Fortunately for the two-time former world champion, the bell allowed him to step back to regain his senses.

Meng continued in the same vein in the third and fourth rounds by doubling down on jab attacks that left Pascal unanswered. Despite a little roughness from her competition, Meng widened the gap.

Pascal showed the first signs of his frustration, lunging at Meng at the start of the fifth round, unleashing good hooks and solid bodily strikes.

But Quebec was rapidly declining in speed. The speed that so often got him out of trouble is no longer there. Meng took advantage of this to continue pressing.

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On the seventh day, running out of controversy, Pascal went there with a double hook, creating a pincer-like motion to try to reach Meng. The referee quickly asked him to put this unauthorized tool in his bag.

Slowly, we saw the surly and rebellious Pascal on the fine days. So he also made the trip to Florida. Feeling that the outcome of the fight could slip away from him, Pascal launched furious attacks, but they weren’t always accurate. Orphan strikes and often without follow-up.

Even to this surprise, Pascal fired a hard right hook, causing Ming to lose balance to make him visit the floor at the end of the ninth round. In return, the bell saved Meng.

After activating it, Pascal would have liked to add more. Systematically, he has put Meng on the defensive in four of the past five rounds.

In the end, many said 31 months of inactivity was a lot. But perhaps not for one of the greatest heroes Quebec has ever known.

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