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Jean-Philippe Dion acquires a stake in Productions Déferlantes

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Leader of television production in Quebec, Breaking Productions Announces the executive producer Jean-Philippe Dion Acquisition of a significant stake in the company, i.e. 49% of the shares.

Owner 51% of the founding shares Benoit Clermont He maintains his title as president and warmly welcomes this deal that actually recreates an already existing reality. Since Déferlantes was founded in 2015, Jean-Philippe Dion He was always deeply involved in all aspects of the company. As Vice President, Content and Strategy, he oversees the development of numerous projects in all stages of production, from contemplation to production.

As an executive producer, Jean-Philippe Dion Currently experimental, a big comeback for star Academy On TVA and the recording of many cultural events of Télé-Québec, in particular The dark side of the moon By Robert Lebage. He is also behind the popular interview series True nature, Which amassed an average of 1.2 million viewers last season and won 4 Gemini in 2020. Last spring, he helped hold a great evening of music. Our lucky Who has applied an ointment all over Quebec, affected by the epidemic. John Philip The animated documentary has begun Good-bye On Radio Canada, Alexander Telfer uploaded it, and most recently the documentary Lara, At Ilico Club, an intimate photo of Lara Fabian taken during her world tour.

«passion Jean-Philippe Dion As for the content, its great creativity, and its ability to surround itself with the best and the confidence we place in it, these are valuable assets that contribute to the growth of Breaking Productions. The company grows and projects multiply into various broadcasters. Increase the role John Philip In a company structure it can only be beneficial Breaking Productions », Trusts the president Benoit Clermont.

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