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Jeanette Reno is publishing a touching text on aging

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Jeanette Reno She always touches us directly to the heart when she shares her daily worries Via social networks. Today, the singer provoked reactions from her fans by publishing at least a touching text about aging and time that goes by at a crazy pace.

At the dawn of her 75th birthday, the sympathetic singer captivated her channel with her lifestyle that has changed over the years and which has slowed over time. Nostalgia for his fast approaching birthday, next April, Genet She opens her heart to us again, and addresses her development and the scars her life has brought her.

«This morning, I am reading my thoughts for today, for my condolences

As usual. She touched my heart saying “Hello Genet, I love you.”

It’s a habit I’ve taken that makes me feel good. I want to stop blaming myself. More and more I get closer to old age. I will turn 75 in April. Regardless of anything, but the power is currently flawed. I am not unhappy. Life is still very good and very mysterious with all its turning points and surprises.

But everything is slowing down. I have to experience some acceptance.

When I look before me at the old woman you have become. I respect my development. The person that I was, that I am now, and will become.

I bear the signs and scars of a good life.

Genet‘, Revealed via Facebook.

Facebook Genet Reno

Last week, we were able to discover the new head of the singer, who chose less than a few centimeters for her long distance. The new look of Jeanette Reno It did not go unnoticed, as her fans praised her a hundred, all of them The wonderful duo with Mario Belshat.

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