Sunday, March 3, 2024

Jennifer Jones to represent Canada again in the curling tournament

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Alan Binder
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Jones’ team needed an extra finish on Sunday to win 6-5 in the Canadian Olympic curling trials.

With this victory in the tournament final, the winning team consisting of Jennifer Jones, Caitlin Luz, Jocelyn Peterman, Dawn McQueen and Lisa Weigl has the honor to represent Canada at the next Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in February 2022. The team captain will participate in her second games, which won the gold medal in this Specialization in Sochi, in 2014.

Spectators were treated to a fantastic show at the SaskTel Center in Saskatoon. Each time the winning team took the lead, it was Captain Tracy Florey’s formation coming back from behind. She even advanced in the ninth round by stealing a point, but her rivals in turn made up for the deficit before eventually winning 11.

Gushi victory among men

In the men’s team, Gushue and Team Jacobs were choppy for most of their playing time, but were the first of the two teams to eventually come out on top with a 4-3 score.

That means the team formed by Brad Josho, Mark Nichols, Brett Gallant, Jeff Walker and Jeff Thomas will fly to Beijing in February for the upcoming Olympics.

Never late is Gushue, who scored the first point of the game at the second end, before seeing Jacobs respond the next day. Gushue immediately regained his lead, however, at the fourth end. Once again, Jacobs came from behind and scored a run on the eighth finish.

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It was finally in the ninth and penultimate finish that Gushue dealt the final blow to his opponent, adding two points, with Jacobs unable to equalize on his last attempt.

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