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Eight supervised apartments in the Cap-aux-Meules ecoregion

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Magdalen Islands, which works with adults with intellectual or physical disabilities, autism spectrum or functional limitations, has received a $4,650,000 grant from Quebec as part of the Canada-Quebec Support Program for Social and Affordable Housing.

The assistance will cover 90% of the total costs. The Phare des les will have to raise between $400,000 and $500,000, estimates Martin Martin, the instigator of the project and Chairman of the Phare des les Board of Directors.The budget should be rebalanced according to the increase in construction costsa spokesperson for the project said in an interview with Radio Canada, on Bon Pied, bonneheure

According to Ms. Martin, there are also several steps to follow before handing over the keys to future tenants.

The organization will have to come to an agreement with the municipality, but above all carefully analyze the needs of this particular client.

Before bidding, a range of technical resources will learn best practices so that units adapt to the different sensitivities of future tenants.

Particular attention will be paid, for example, to lighting, colors or sound environment.

We must not forget, as Mrs. Martin asserts, that there are people who will spend their lives there if all goes well.

Ms. Martin states that this type of apartment greatly helps young people with special needs to develop their independence. On the islands, as elsewhere in Quebec, there are few accommodation resources for these clients.

Le Phare des Îles will help them develop their housing skills.These are things that can be learned. We will equip them until they are independent. Everyone will have personal challenges that we will supportconfirms the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phare des les.

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The site where the new building will be located will be very close to the city center of Cap-aux-Meules. Thus, tenants will be able to walk to shops and services.

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