Jesperi Kotkaniemi has only one pass in 12 playoffs

The Hurricanes managed a 3-2 lead in the series against Rangers last night. Since the start of the playoffs, the Hurricanes have been 7-5. Seven Rally wins…and five losses in Boston and New York.

This photo, which was produced before yesterday’s game, says it all.

In short, the Hurricanes are excellent in front of their fans, but they are unrecognizable far from the Carolinas. though, They have won the most road games this season in the NHL (25).

The series is something very different software glitch

in every game ducks I’ve been watching for a month now, finding myself going to the NHL website to make sure Jesperi Kotkaniemi wears his uniform and gets his minutes playing.

You rarely see him on the rink… and when you see him, it’s usually because he’s fallen to the ground.

Kotkaniemi played between 9 and 13 minutes in all five matches against Rangers. He got his first break point (help) in game #1.

In 12 playoffs, K So he only mentioned a little help…

He only has one goal in 31 matches if you take into account the playoffs And the of the regular season.

Remember, the Hurricanes had to give up a first-round pick and pick another third-round pick to get Kotkaniemi (via a replay).

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He’s making $6.1 million this season… and He will earn $4.82 million per season over the next eight years.

Okay, Gisbury Kotkanyemi is only 21 years old… but until what age can we talk about him as hopeful? Interesting project?

What is its real ceiling? Will he reach it?

It’s absolutely certain that Christian Dvorak would have more influence than KK currently, if tornado.

Meanwhile, in Edmonton, Evander Kane earned $1.375 million to fill in the net (12 goals in 12 games) and Leon Drystel (hit the cap $8.5 million) only 17 points in five games against the Flames.

Clearly some hockey dollars are better invested than others…

a lot of

– If you missed…

– Noun Effect Will not die.

– When we compare, we relax himself Appreciate it more.

Joey Saputo’s goal is not to transfer CF Montreal. But the proponents must be there…

– It’s over, the black jersey at Saputo Stadium?

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