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He passed away from breast cancer at the age of 13

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A French couple plans to file a complaint against medical institutions that were slow to diagnose a tumor in their daughter.

Shiloh, 13, died in December 2021 of breast sarcoma, an extremely rare tumor.

The teen’s mother, Diane, told the newspaper: “When I said it was cancer, I was told: Ma’am, 12-year-old breast cancer, it doesn’t exist.” Paris.

In March 2021 the first symptoms appeared when Shiloh complained of pain in his left chest.

According to her mother, “little pimples and a kind of orange peel” were visible.

So the woman takes the little girl to a gynecological imaging center where a senior doctor diagnoses mastitis, an infection of the breast.

A month later, the family went to the emergency room of a hospital in the Paris region where medical staff had not examined him due to his age.

A new diagnosis of mastitis is being made at this time. Antibiotics are prescribed and the family is advised to visit a dermatologist.

“She was very tired, and she was having a hard time standing up,” says the mother.

Shiloh was back at another hospital when her mother had just discovered spots on her sheets, a sign that her breasts were starting to ooze.

No diagnosis was made this time, and some caregivers even suspected abuse.

The family finally gets an appointment for a biopsy that confirms the worst: second-degree breast hemangiosarcoma.

Shiloh, who would have just turned 13, will die on December 8, 2021, four months after starting chemotherapy.

Diane is sure that her daughter has paid for the medical tour and intends to sue various health institutions.

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“Stuck in time, there was a possibility that it would work. Even if it took ten years, I would go all the way,” she said.

“We shouldn’t have sent Shiloh home in her condition. The doctors didn’t know what she had, they should have kept her,” said the parents’ attorney, Anna Sabine Dossenaud, who intends to refuse treatment.

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