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Jordan | The former crown prince was accused of undermining the kingdom’s security

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(Amman) The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister said, on Sunday, that Prince Hamzah, the half-brother of King Abdullah II and many people, two of whom held positions of responsibility in Jordan, have undermined the kingdom’s security.

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Ayman Safadi, who is also the foreign minister, said that two individuals, Bassem Awadallah and Sherif Hassan bin Zaid, were arrested, along with 14 to 16 other people.

“Les services de sécurité ont suivi durant une longue période les activités et les mouvements du prince Hamza ben Hussein, de Cherif Hassan ben Zaid et de Bassem Awadallah et d’autres personnes visant la sécurité et la stabilité de la patrie», at-say .

He added, “The investigations made it possible to monitor the interference and contacts with external parties with the aim of destabilizing the Jordanian security.”

According to him, the security services recommended King Abdullah II to refer all those involved to the State Security Court.

However, the king decided to hold a conversation with Prince Hamzah to deal with the matter within the Hashemite family to dissuade him from continuing his activity […] “It is being used to change the security of Jordan and Jordanians, which constitutes a break with the traditions and values ​​of the Hashemite family,” the minister added.

But it turned out badly. “The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff met Prince Hamzah on Saturday to convey this message and demanded that he stop all movements and activities targeting the security and stability of Jordan, but Hamzah dealt with this request negatively without taking and adding without specifying the fate that will remain for Prince Hamzah, who confirmed that he is under house arrest. .

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The minister referred to the contacts between people in Hamzah’s constituency and “devices abroad.”

According to Mr. Safadi, “A person with links to foreign security services was in contact with the wife of Prince Hamzah and offered to provide her with a plane to leave Jordan for a foreign country.”

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