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Julie Snyder is having a new date!

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Julie Snyder Create beautiful confidence Who shook the movie sets of his famous show 4th of July week.

In fact, the host announced that he is single again. Nevertheless, she managed to attract the attention of viewers by admitting to dating a new person.

‘It might be over with me,’ he’ll say: ‘You talked about me on TV’

« I have a “date”, it’s very recent. He wants to take his time. Because I told him, “If I’m in a hurry, I run four times a week on the treadmill; go right away!” “,” mentioned.

Then she added shyly: ” we hug ».

« My history and I pass our exams [de dépistage ITSS]. I’m hot there! It might be over with me dating, he’ll say, “You talk about me on TV.” Plus my date sees all my shows Julie Snyder added.

it’s a cuuuute! We love that the host allows himself to be himself and vulnerable in front of the general public.

Moreover, about it, on January 26, on the sets of the film 4th of July week, Julie Snyder is a touching testimony about her mental health. The host said that she recently came out of a depression inspired by Today The reason for the bellIt aims to break the silence surrounding mental health.

« I know I’m sweating with joy. On the treadmill every night, I’m in a good mood, I always feel a great positive emotion when I look on the air in front of you and I’m often told my energy is contagious […] But since it’s a special day, I have to show the other side of my little coin She said.

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Then she continued: Before and after shows, for me, things don’t always roll as much as they do on the carpet. I happen to crash, fall, and no longer understand myself. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed, and even worse, I can’t get out of bed.

It may be hard to believe, but I am coming out of depression and for me the wounds to my soul and my heart have been more painful than my birth. On a personal level, I’ve survived many violent storms, often feeling like a flimsy little raft in the ocean.

What has changed in me is that I can now express and share my suffering. And I want to thank my doctor, Paul Esperance, for letting me break my leash, which won’t break me anymore.

I would like to thank my friends and colleagues who take turns looking after me when I am not feeling well. […] I often say: Don’t shake me too much because I’m full of tears. I understood that when you let the tears flow, they allow you to come back again.”

We already knew Julie Snyder says whatever comes into her head and we’re not mad about it. We appreciate her courage to share her toughest moments. Lots of fans have been inspired by it, we’re sure of that.

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