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Justin Trudeau’s event in Ontario canceled due to security reasons | Canada elections 2021

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So the RCMP asked staff and reporters to re-board the field bus.

The event, which was scheduled to begin at 5 p.m., will be postponed by about two hours before the decision falls.

Faced with a large crowd of protesters chanting slogans and insults, Ontario Provincial Police officers were dispatched to the scene.

However, the number of police officers present was not considered sufficient to control the crowd where there were children, and to allow the Liberal leader to make his speech.

Many protesters opposed compulsory vaccination and the wearing of masks, and against the imposition of permissibility of vaccination. Some protesters were instead defending the rights of online newspapers.

At the end of the afternoon, during the previous campaign’s layover in Nobleton, Mr Trudeau also received dozens of angry protesters, many of whom opposed health measures and vaccination.

Even before the liberal leader arrived on the scene, protesters were waving banners waiting for him. As soon as Mr. Trudeau got off the bus, the screams and boos intensified.

At the end of the afternoon, dozens of protesters greeted liberal leader Justin Trudeau, some in opposition to the health measures, during a stop in Nobleton, Ontario.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick

Unprecedented “intensity”

Justin Trudeau still wants to address the media in the evening in Brampton, opposing a call for mutual aid and unity to anger protesters who crossed his path.

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He said, “We’ve all had a tough year. And those who were pretending, had a tough year, too. I hear their anger. […] In the face of this anger, we have to show empathy.

However, the liberal leader emphasized that he did not witness a Angry at this intensity among the demonstrators.

I often saw angry people. But to know the level of severity […] I’d look at these people and I think we’d all wonder: What’s wrong with their lives, where did it come from, this anger, this intensity? Because it is not typical in Canada.

Quote from:Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Canadian Liberal Party

Justin Trudeau responds to the cancellation of an event held by protesters

According to Mr. Trudeau, different points of view must be source of flexibility For Canadians, no The flaws that will tear us apart.

The protests come after the liberal leader pledged $1 billion to provinces Friday morning to help them implement a passport vaccine, as the country crosses the fourth wave of COVID-19 infections.

Justin Trudeau has defied the anti-sanitary protesters who have disturbed his speeches since the start of the election campaign.

People are screaming from behind the fence.  A protester hangs an insulting note dedicated to Justin Trudeau.

Concerned protesters gathered at a Justin Trudeau campaign event, chanting slogans and chanting insults.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick

On Twitter, Canada’s Conservative Party condemned the language on Friday obscene and extreme works by some Protesters during the Liberal Leader’s campaign activities.

Many families, sometimes with young children, attend such events, added the Conservative Party, recalling that the atmosphere should be there Positive, regardless of political affiliation.

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New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh expressed his regret to see Justin Trudeau and his team bear the wrath of the protesters. Everyone should feel safe during the campaign, he tweeted. The New Democrat himself has been the target of racist comments by protesters since the start of the election round.

During the previous federal election in 2019, protesters to the liberal leader also had a hard time. Fearing that his safety would be jeopardized, Mr. Trudeau had to don a flak jacket during an event in Mississauga, Ont.

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