Thursday, February 22, 2024

Kamala Harris is going through a first crisis

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Whether it is a politician or a man, the closer to the top, the greater the pressure, and every decision is scrutinized and amplified by the media.

We already knew that Kamala Harris had accepted Joe Biden’s offer to take over as Vice President because the job could be a huge stepping stone for her. And so Kamala Harris secured a historic first and got assurance that the president would assign her important files.

After the first months of the new administration pass in the shadows, we see and hear the vice president more regularly. Immersed in the struggle to protect civil rights, she also inherited the illegal immigration file. If Harris finally found herself alone in the spotlight, she might have preferred more positive coverage.

Criticized by Republicans, but also by the progressive wing of her political party, the former senator from California is currently facing an internal crisis. He was criticized for contributing to the development of an unhealthy culture within his team.

There are many examples of abuse, but what was revealed remains a closely guarded secret. We deplore the hard work, too much pressure, and the lack of solidarity. Even worse, Kamala Harris refused to take the blame, as her chief of staff made sure to protect her by restricting access to her boss.

The future will tell us whether this environment is more toxic than that of high-ranking politicians usually, but this first crisis is a clear sign that the pressure is building a bit. The vice president is not a newcomer and knows better than anyone that her room to maneuver is limited. The 2024 elections are far and near.

With criticism and departures mounting within his team lately, Kamala Harris must show leadership. Before claiming to unite the Americans and command the boat, things must be calmed and regrouped.

An added hitch, this isn’t the first time the tough work climate has been denounced in Mrs. Harris’s entourage. The same kind of comment came after his primary campaign failed.

It would be particularly interesting to note the modifications made by the Vice President. This is only a first shock and you will face much more severe storms by the time of your possible run in 2024.

As Tina Flournoy, her chief of staff, has pointed out, Kamala is an ambitious, intelligent, and assertive keeper. It is possible that these qualities might frighten the members of his crew, but if so, they did not choose the right profession.

Politics is a brutal sport, and Harris demonstrates traits that a man rarely blames. It would be unfortunate if the current uproar could be attributed to double standards. Obama, who has been praised more often for his stance than for his criticism, was particularly demanding of him and those around him. He even implored Rahm Emanuel, “Rambo himself,” to ensure discipline upon his arrival at the White House, and I don’t remember the first black president being considered a tormentor.

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