Anton Heretik: How to recognize dreams and what’s wrong with them

Have you ever dreamed about your client?
Dreams are wonderful. It is a rich well full of different ideas, ideas and images that surprise not only customers, but often us too. The yard plays a big role. A good sign of cooperation with the client is that he is ready to tell him strange and embarrassing dreams. At the beginning of therapy, clients often censor their dreams a bit, worrying about what they might do to them, so as not to embarrass themselves. In the dream book that we wrote with Manilka, we talk about how the first dream plays the role of a stimulus. Follow them, talented people, who spend so much time dreaming about, you want to know something about them. There are also clients who are very rational, even technically confused, who are extremely abstinent and don’t want to deal with it at all. So we try to motivate and explain them. Whenever a client tells me that he feels stupid, I say: who cares about you, he’s stupid? Some clients can be found with us.

When my client first realizes that he has killed someone, I congratulate him with the words: Great! You had a dream. You have finally touched what you need for your life.

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