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Kena blows out her first candle with a free update

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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It’s already been a year since then Qena: The Bridge of Souls Released on our PlayStation consoles. If you’ve taken the time to read our review, you know we praise it, as it brought more than a breath of fresh air. But if today we are talking about it again, it is to celebrate his first birthday with dignity. For the occasion, Ember Lab has prepared a beautiful gift in the form of a free update.

Kena’s Anniversary Update will be released on September 27, 2022 on PS4 and PS5. It will include a new + game mode, new enchantments, new experiences and outfits, as well as accessibility features.

Let’s explain the package details together. New Game + mode will allow you to start the adventure again with all the skills learned from the previous part (so far, you haven’t learned anything) but with some new features to highlight. The difficulty will increase as you encounter new enemies. Even some bosses will be deserving of new moves.

New enchanted stones will also be included, enough to diversify the gaming experience, among them are cursed stones that greatly reduce the abilities of the heroine, making it ideal for adventurers.

Finally, accuracy and speed challenges await you in new outfits (to be discovered in the IGN video below). Another important detail for portrait mode lovers, the latter will be enhanced with new features to perfect your best shots of cute little burps.

Ember Lab is also taking advantage of this anniversary to announce the Steam version of Kena, with a release date set in the Anniversary Update, next September 27 (the game has been available on PC only via Epic Games so far). Kenna can blow out her candle, all her gifts are well wrapped.

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