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The meteor was seen crossing the New York sky and forming a light show

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Residents of New York State, in the United States, were able to witness an unusual sight when a meteor crossed the night sky on Sunday (28). This phenomenon was seen by at least 120 people, including residents of other US states and even Canada.

In Palmyra, New York, one of these people was able to capture the event with the camera on the dashboard of his car. The video, which shows the meteor appearing in the sky and glowing for a brief moment before disappearing, can be seen below:

according to American Meteor Society (AMS), the object across the sky was a “fireball”, consisting of a meteor with a luminosity of more than -4. For comparison purposes, this is the same brightness that Venus shows in the sky at dusk and dawn. The moon, for example, has a magnitude of -12.6.

Meteor Reports

Although the event was brief – reports say it lasted between 1.5 and 3.5 seconds – witnesses say they were amazed at the Show. A Pennsylvania couple said they were walking their dog at night when suddenly everything around them became clear.

“We were walking in the dark,” said the couple, “and suddenly the empty fields around us became as bright as the night of a full moon.” “Then we looked up and saw, for a few seconds, a beautiful green meteor in the sky.”

Another resident of Pennsylvania said, “It was an amazing sight to see. [O meteoro] He appeared out of nowhere in the sky, stayed there for a second or two, and almost instantly disappeared with a bluish glow.

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Most witnesses denied hearing any voices associated with the phenomenon, except for a few people, such as a New Jersey resident, who reported hearing something like ” bubble Far, far” the moment he saw the ball of fire.

Although they impress each time they appear, sightings of meteorites are far from rare. Thousands of these space rocks cross our sky every day, although most are in land areas and during the day when they are not visible.

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