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Kings refuse to explain (and this bothers)

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Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Kings got their hands on Mark Bergievin as GM’s advisor to Rob Blake. The latter should get a contract extension and see Bergwijn become his assistant next season, for a period of three years.

This does not mean that Bergvin will remain a deputy, quite the contrary. However, in the short and medium term, he remains active in the world of hockey with the Kings, an organization where people are known and, in Los Angeles, an environment he seems to love.

From his point of view, this makes sense. He remained active (but less active than in Montreal) and expanded his network of contacts. But why did the kings take him?

His 10 years of experience at the helm of Canadians is important, as he can offer a new perspective, share his experience…and work in a team that was at the same stage as CH just two years ago.

On paper, it seems to make sense to everyone. He could do like Alex Anthopoulos in MLB (run a club, become an assistant in L.A. before he gets his chance elsewhere) and it would be a win.

However, we can’t say that this news went like butter on the Los Angeles side.

Lisa Dillman, who writes for The Athletic in California, isn’t a big fan of hiring Marc Bergevin in town.

But above all, when we review her article, we realize that she was completely unaffected by the way Kings approached the issue in terms of Bergvin’s view.

The more things change, the more they change: lack of transparency.

Basically, what bothers the reporter is that the monarchs have announced that Mark Bergiveen will not speak to the media. Luke Ropitel and Rob Blake, his bosses, aren’t going to do that either. This was spelled out in a statement from Kings.

So the journalist doesn’t understand why we can’t talk to the person behind the choice of Logan Maillo, for example.

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Why was it necessary to recycle Bergevin to bring him to such a position? Why in the heart of the year? What will be its impact on the club’s management? These are her questions and she is frustrated that she cannot ask them in order to get answers.

Other than the Kings press release and his Bye Bye appearance, Bergvin hasn’t spoken publicly since the Canadian shootings about a month and a half ago.

If Bergevin wants to avoid media stories in Los Angeles, things are going well.

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– Logic.

– Good for him.

– Avalanche is a resilient club. [91.9 Sports]

– Clear.

– Notice to interested parties.

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