Kraken “liked” his start in camp

Far from me restarting the discussion between Shane Wright and Joraj Slavkovsky (which has been a hot topic this spring in Montreal), but I want to talk a little bit about Hope Kraken.

If the Canadian can say he is satisfied with what he sees of Slave, it will be the same for the Seattle club with their new game.

Matthias Brunet, who had a clear opinion on the controversy between the two young men, Take advantage of his ticket for today To talk a little bit about Wright and how he’s been riding in Washington State since starting camp.

If Wright scored a remarkable goal in his team’s home game, coach Dave Haxtool wants to be remembered more because he says he was impressed with his game in general and the start of his training camp.

Most people will remember his goal (which he scored after a sharp, lively shot at the end of the match) in the team’s home game, but I remember many other things. – Dave Huxtall

What interests the young man is that all the attention is not on him. why? Particularly because Matti Penners is the big hope he watches training.

But despite everything, he is in a position of success. yesterday, for example, Played a team match with Jaden Schwartz and Jordan Eberlwho aren’t exactly celery feet in the NHL.

Will it automatically break into the National Hockey League? I do not know. After all, there were rumors that CH, if he had to hunt it down, was thinking of returning it to the juniors.

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Even if he did well in camp, the Kraken could do the same.

However, I expect to see the youngster, who many people see as having a better 2022-2023 season than Slafkovsky, start the NHL season and not have to return to OHL.

Obviously, for the rest of his career, Wright will face CH’s first choice. He will have to forget about that and just focus on developing as a hockey player.

Many of

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