Quebec elections 2022: We turned leaders into Pokemon with artificial intelligence

That’s it, we’re in the last week of the election campaign and it’s the last pre-election blitzkrieg in Quebec. and like weighs when starting Not a site that analyzes politics, we’ve found our own way to contribute to the discussion.

We turned the leaders of the five major parties into Pokemon.

It’s with AI tool Text to Pokemonwas found before the edgeWe tried the experiment. Designed by machine learning researcher (machine learningJustin Pinkney, the tool relies on a description written by the user to generate new Pokemon images. A concept that quickly inspired the team Weigh when starting.

Here Dominique Engled, Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon, François Legault, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois and Eric DuhemĂ© … in Pokemon.

Dominic Engled

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Paul St-Pierre Blamundon

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Francois Legault

weighs when starting

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois

weighs when starting

Eric Doehme

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Don’t forget to vote!

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