La Ronde is closed on Mondays during the summer

La Ronde changes his summer schedule. The theme park will remain closed on Mondays and will not open until 2 p.m. on fireworks days.

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Vincent Marceline

Vincent Marceline

La Ronde broke the news on social media on Sunday, but according to its spokesperson, that wasn’t a last-minute option. “The decision was made in January,” Karina Tevinen says. Last year, Montreal’s theme park opened seven days a week and until 2019 opened its doors in the morning on fireworks days.

Believing that “working hours are free for the company,” Karina Thevenin justifies this decision with “internal needs” without giving further details. Saturday’s spokeswoman explained that earlier appointments had caused “big days for staff,” and that opening until 11:30 p.m. could ease the movement of visitors.

Last May, La Ronde announced that it had recruited 600 seasonal jobs needed to operate over the summer. according to mI Thevenin, the labor shortage observed throughout Quebec does not affect the park’s activities. “I’m not saying it’s easier, everyone has a deficiency [de main-d’œuvre]but for young people, La Ronde stands out a bit more than the other companies,” she continues, assuring that the park has met its labor needs. However, the company is recruiting for the fall, “the hardest period for us” due to back in class, Karina points out. tiffinen.

Parc de l’île de Sainte-Hélène will be open Tuesday-Sunday until August 21, Friday-Sunday until October 2 and then on weekends until October 30. It will also welcome visitors on holiday Mondays September 5th and October 10th.

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