Lasarrois William Legault-Lacasse will be a liberal candidate at Abitibi-Témiscamingue

The 23-year-old, who will soon be sworn in as a lawyer, wants to represent the district in Ottawa.

William Legault-Lacas has worked with many of Ottawa’s elected officials, notably with Minister Diane Lebothelier.

Especially by working with Minister Lebothelier, who is a member of Parliament in power, but in the regions, I can tell you about regional issues, I know this, and with the experience I have on the hill [Parlementaire]I know how to move files forward, confirms to Mr. Lego Lacas.

The person who was an actor, especially in the series slices of life And in the movie Once upon a time there were boys He was also a reserve soldier in the army.

Public service is very important to me and participation in my community, whether in the cultural milieu or defending the country’s interests in the Canadian Forces. Politics came naturally.

William Legault-Lacasse currently resides in Gatineau, but plans to return to Abitibi-Ouest in the coming weeks. He intends to conduct a field campaign.

I am a person who loves to talk to the world, I am a very open person. I am a very young person, so I think I will be able to connect with people. Our young people too, political participation is starting to become more and more important to them, and we have to get them to come out to vote.

William Legault-Lacas will face outgoing Quebecoa Bloc MP Sebastien Lemer. The other party candidates in Abitibe-Tmiskaming are not yet known.

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