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Star Académie: Lara Fabian reacts to Patrick Bruel’s hilarious antics

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During her autopsy, Lara Fabian showed academics the famous excerpt where Patrick Bruel drops his microphone. More details about this fatal bug that caused a lot of talk here.

Young singers, who were not all on stage during the singer’s crap, laughed a lot when they saw this funny moment. ” That’s what happened! We’ve all heard it in our headphones Someone shouts.

In music history, I don’t think anyone has gone down and up as fast as Patrick Broel tonight! Lara Fabian let out a smile.

I think he was trying to replace something. Between his pants and his mic, he had to pick his pants “Says the director.” I think that’s what happened. »

Happen or occur! Happens to everyone “, she adds.” Nothing, but nonetheless, congratulations on Mr. Bruel’s ingenuity. I master it! […] I couldn’t mention it, it’s so funny “.

Jeremy, who was on stage with him at the time, said he laughed a lot when the latter turned and stared at him. ” I had so much fun Indeed, it was a delicious moment!

Mathieu is also getting some pretty harsh comments from the manager. After viewing photos diverse Cain first asked him if he was happy with him, and he answered yes, and continued by saying: not me “.

She explained: I was very impressed with your start to Bruel, because you already understood certain things and I when we went there, there were real errors in accuracy. »

How do you tell someone with your skills and number certain things, without pulling a scalpel to help them develop? We cannot be transcendent, we cannot be complacent, but at the same time, we have to salute the work you have done. All nose work, I did. Then, you are excellent Mathieu, and when you are excellent, you cannot do without being better. »

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Laurie was talking to us here about the toughness of teachers’ comments this year.

You can watch the full autopsy of Lara Fabian here.

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