Last day of REGARD Festivalمهرجان

After being canceled last year due to the pandemic, REGARD is back in a reinvented formula. From June 7 to 13, festival-goers were able to watch several short films broadcast on Saguenay. A success according to the organizers.

Opportunity and life do things well and live cultural and cinematic life and that feels good. Everyone is in a really good mood, plus the weather has been good all week. Everyone is happy to see people, watch movies, and see life take over , recalls the festival’s general director, Mary Ellen Rio.

The festival usually takes place in March and has opted for a new format with indoor and outdoor performances.

I admit I’m a big fan of the festival in the summer, it’s really fun to see people outside. We can do activities too, we can walk . Says one of the festival goers.

It was very interesting, there were performances, there was a show, there was an atmosphere. It was great to see people again with so much space with the vehicles.One participant adds.

Car evenings were very popular. On average, we had about a hundred cars on the sites each evening. Whether urban by car or by car in St-Ambroise near Domaine La Florida As Mary Elaine Rio says.

The next edition of REGARD will take place as usual in mid-March. The organization does not rule out the possibility of returning with an external package.

By the way, the festival is now moving online. From June 14 to 27, 155 short films will be available to the public.

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Based on information from Kenza Shafiq

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