Le Nouvelleste | From Miami to Geneva, two new awards for Frida

From Miami to Geneva, two new awards for Frida

Haitian director Jessica Genius’ film “Frida” has won two new awards: the 39th Miami Film Festival Grand Prix at Miami Dade College and the 20th International Film Festival and Human Rights Forum Grand Prix. (FIFDH) in Geneva (Switzerland).

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The Haitian director’s first feature film, for its US premiere, left with a grand prize winning the MIFF Grand Prix that began on March 4 and ends on Monday March 14, 2022.” said Damon de Oliveira, April Dobbins, and Robin Peralta-Rego. : ”

At the same time, the Haitian director also won the jury of the twentieth session of the Geneva International Film Festival and the Human Rights Forum, which awarded her the Grand Prize for Fiction with Kosovar Kalterina Krasnicki for her film “Vera Dreams of the Sea”. .. “The originality of these works that present the situation of families and individual women, respectively in Kosovo and Haiti. Inspired by the experience of the directors, the courage and resilience of these characters bring hope for a better world, to all those who fight for justice, equality and peace “, justifies the international jury chaired by Shahrbanou El-Sadat, along with Elaine Naviriani, Julian Neuters and Terry Obekover.

Since its presentation at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, where it received the special mention of the Découverte François Chalais, “Frida” has not ceased to be a prize at many festivals. The film has already won the Best Work Discovery and Audience Award at the Namur International Film Festival (Belgium), the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Landscapes of Filmmakers (France), the Money Stall and Best Sound. An award in Fespaco (Burkina Faso), the TV5 Quebec-Canada Award for Best Film at the CINEMANIA Film Festival, and the Award for Best First Film he received at the Cine World Festival in Santo Domingo, among others.

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