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Legal battles over the delay of the Jardins de la Diversity project

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The conservatory project called A leaf It replaces the old building that closed in 2018 and should become a major tourist attraction in the country, celebrating the world’s biodiversity. However, the project is struggling to see the light of day within the allotted time and some are starting to get impatient.

The company responsible for the metal architecture, Supreme Steel LP, filed a lawsuit this week claiming he was not paid for part of the work.

It is a subcontractor of construction bird set, the company that governs the business. Supreme Steel LP Claims $821,978 plus interest.

According to documents filed at the Queen’s Bunch Court on 5 July, Supreme Steel LP He was appointed in June 2018 for a $9.6 million contract and has completed the work required.

construction bird set He would have paid the bill except for the amount claimed by the court.

construction bird setnon-profit association, Assiniboine Park Conservancy Inc. The city of Winnipeg has been named as defendants in this case. The land belongs to the city.

Defense transcripts have not yet been filed in court.

The Conservatoire attacks architects and engineers

The conservatory, for its part, filed two lawsuits in recent weeks.

On June 11, the architectural and engineering firms associated with the conservatory project were the target of a lawsuit. On the same day, another lawsuit was filed against the project’s insurance company, the insurance company Royal & Sun Alliance form Canada.

The first lawsuit relates to repair work, project delays and operational losses attributable, according to the complainant, to Winnipeg-based Architecture49 and to the Toronto-based firms. Blackwell Buick Partners Limited And the KPMB Architects.

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The document filed in court mentions particular problems with the design of the ceiling, which is made up of transparent membranes fastened with a network of cables.

Architecture49 Inc. has not. No experience or knowledge in supervising the construction of a cable-supported roof system and failed to retain the services of parties with such experience.

Quote from:Excerpt from the lawsuit brought in the Queen’s Bench Court

The defendants are criticized for not having the knowledge to build the roof as planned and for not warning the plaintiff of the potential risks and complications of such a project.

However, these allegations were not substantiated in court and the defendants did not present their statement of defence.

The insurer is accused of not paying the amounts that the contract is supposed to cover, or with delay. The offending company has not yet presented its line of defense.

Opening relegated to the end of 2022

Canadian Diversity Gardens, of which the project is a part A leafIt was announced in 2015 and has benefited from private funds and grants from the three levels of government at a stated cost of $97.8 million.

The project was originally supposed to be completed at the end of 2020. It has been delayed for a year. The outdoor gardens officially opened on July 9, but it hasn’t been A leaf, the main building.

According to Assiniboine Park’s director of public relations and communications, Laura Cabak, it is now expected to open in late 2022.

Explain via email that the delay is due to the ceiling It looks like we’re behind and we’re very pleased with the progress made so far over the spring and summer.

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She adds that the team responsible for Canadian Diversity Parks is now looking to the future and hoping that the costs related to the delays will be covered by the parties responsible for the conservatory.

Laura Capac adds that this lawsuit is necessary to protect the interests of shareholders.

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