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Let’s stand up to anti-abortion | JDM

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Trump will only be president of the United States for four (long) years. Despite this, decisions made by the US Supreme Court are tacitly signed by him.

He will have the opportunity, during his term, to nominate three justices, as opposed to two for Obama, and one nomination for Bush and one for Clinton. The choice Trump made is a conservative one. With Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Connie Barrett, the US Supreme Court has changed its face and direction, and progressive gains are suddenly threatened, even as the Democratic president takes office.

Breaking the Roe v Wade precedent is key. Far from changing the course of the US Supreme Court, this is an all-too-obvious reminder that women’s rights simply will no longer be protected and that there will be no safety net for those who wish to undermine them: the executive, legislative, and legal branches can serve as a machine to roll back women’s rights.

Therefore, it is a truly individual struggle that everyone (and everyone else too) must go through so that the struggles led by our mothers and grandmothers do not collapse. The American example should show us that we cannot let our guard down when it comes to our rights, that we cannot trust those who are supposed to protect and that we can rely only on ourselves. behavior as voters.

The anti-abortion movement already exists in Canada and Quebec. This movement is organized, mobilized and influential in political circles. They have supporters, including members of the House of Commons, to push their ideas forward. Tell yourself that every time you stay at home, you are too lazy to vote, there is a vote and sway against the abortion you promoted. Because it is on the ballot that our rights are decided.

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