Do you have common or rather vague musical tastes? This site will tell you

The website offers to analyze your listening habits on the Spotify streaming platform to identify your favorite, most popular and least popular musicians. To illustrate this, he put his name on the shape of an iceberg, with its tip, and everything under the water’s surface.

The higher the level of the artist on the iceberg (the tip), the more the iceberg is considered a dominant figure. The more the artist finds himself inferior, the more the digital tool considers him an alternative or occult figure.

For its analysis, Icebergify selects over 50 artists that people listen to in the short, medium and long term. So it is possible to find on Ice mountain Newly discovered songs, as well as titles forgotten for months.

Icebergify, whose source code is free to access, was created by a computer science student at Rice University in the United States.

It’s the latest in a series of digital tools that allow people to analyze their music habits through the Spotify platform.

Spotify Pie, which depicts the different styles of music listened to in the last month in a pie chart, was also at its peak a few weeks ago.

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