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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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You will notice, dear conspirator, that I took the initiative to affirm a sentence in this letter: “We prefer to live our mourning and remain with that impression. [que tout a été fait pour sauver la décédée]. »

I just hope this message, this sentence in particular, allows you to realize that all of these theses that you envision and share on Facebook, are not circulating in a vacuum. Real people read it. Some of them may go through a rough patch – in this case, bereavement. And these lies you spread could upset, shock, and hurt them, when they hadn’t done anything they deserved.

I am not asking you to believe what our governments say, nor am I asking you to become a fan of your favorite “big planners” Bill Gates or George Soros, nor do I expect you to trust vaccines or Big Pharma, nothing of that. I just want you to realize that even when you are alone in your living room writing your statuses on Facebook, you are not expressing yourself in a vacuum. I just hope before you put another horrific plot on your wall, you think about this reader a little bit and wonder if what you are about to post could hurt / shock someone like her.

Just that. That’s it.

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