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“You have to learn science while having fun”

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Located in the same building as the Liège Aquarium, the Maison de la science allows you to immerse yourself in its history while exploring various disciplines through experiments.

Thirty years ago, professors and researchers from University of Liege They came together to create a place to promote scientific studies. In a few weeks, the utopia is realized: Dar Al Uloom opens its doors in it 1991.

“From the beginning, the desire has been to allow visitors to experience, touch, and experiment” Explain to us Hervey hats Who accompanies us as a teacher and guide.

Of course, some shows offer machines, research purposes, and inventions that allow us to understand evolution. But this place is above all an excuse to meet with science.

To do this, the visitor is asked to keep an eye on what he discovers, stay on certain pieces of the collections and ask himself.

The bottom line is to make yourself available to question. So we’ll do chemistry, optics, and so on. Experience the feeling of the meeting of liquid nitrogen and the hand… We also offer mechanics and hydrology. In short, we will review a lot of concepts through touch or sight.

For Hervey, what sometimes makes science undesirable is teaching it by highlighting concepts at the expense of joy and amazement.

“I’ve been studying soap bubbles for my research for 20 years. Even today, I find them beautiful. And when, starting with these bubbles, I create equations, they are even prettier.” He said smiling.

The sad part is that, in high school for example, we forget to highlight what science can give us in a personal way. Like painting, theater or singing. Me, science allows me to understand and observe the world around me. This makes me happy.

This happiness and passion are shared by all members of the entertainment team. The Maison de la science aims to be a museum accessible to families and young adults. Good to know during this summer time!

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