Liberals go all out on Facebook

Major federal parties have spent more than $5 million on Facebook ads in the last 30 days on the American giant’s platform.

Benoit Skinazi, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Sharethrough, who has pooled expenses for Newspaper.

Within 30 days, nearly $2.8 million was spent on the Facebook page of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) and that of its leader, Justin Trudeau.

This is more than double the amount spent by the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the New Democratic Party (NDP) and their leaders, coming in at $1.1 million per party.

By the first week of the campaign, the Liberals had already bought more ads on Facebook and Instagram than the other major parties combined, it was reported. The Globe and Mail. This trend continues.

Thousands of targeted ads from PLC

When we take a closer look, Benoit Skinazi of Sharethrough sees that the PLC has increased the number of targeted ads in an effort to win over voters.

For example, PLC’s Facebook page has more than 5,600 ad releases, while Justin Trudeau’s has nearly 3,950, says the digital marketing expert.

“Compared to liberals, conservatives have nearly ten times less,” said Benoit Skenazi, who declined to say whether these various targeted advertising tactics would work with voters.

At the beginning of the year, it was toronto star He noted that web giants such as Google and Facebook received four times more money from the federal government after Justin Trudeau came to power between 2015 and 2019.

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However, for Samuel Parent, digital marketing consultant at Titan Interactif, the Liberal Party must cast a wider net during the election campaign.

“I find the PLC to be huge, compared to the other two teams. As a political party, we should probably spend more in the Canadian media.

“Of course they want to target, but these are ads that can also be shown online using local media,” he adds.

Jan-Heg Roy, a professor at the University of Kuala Lumpur’s School of Media, doesn’t think politicians, media and citizens should abandon Facebook.

We are still waiting for GAFAM tax

What bothers him is that liberal Justin Trudeau has yet to show the teeth of the web giants to pay their fair share.

“The Liberals promised that they would dig deeper into the pockets of Facebook and other web giants, and we’re still waiting,” he said with a sigh.

During the first six months of the year, Facebook generated nearly $140 million in revenue in the country through press content, according to Jan Huggs Roy estimates.

“It’s OK for politicians to use these tools. It’s a method like any other. The problem, he concludes, is that Facebook and others are not sufficiently involved in funding public services.”

– In collaboration with Julien McEvoy and Guillaume St-Pierre

A recent study cited Washington Post It was revealed that fake news on Facebook got six times more clicks in the 2020 US election than real news.

Party ad spend on Facebook

Canadian Liberal Party

  • (PLC) 2014000 $
  • Justin Trudeau $750,000
  • Subtotal $2.8 million
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Canadian Conservative Party

  • (PCC) $941,000
  • Erin O’Toole $160,000
  • Subtotal $1.1 million

New Democratic Party

  • (NPD) $831,000
  • Jagmeet Singh $275,000
  • Subtotal $1.1 million

Quebecoa block

  • (BQ) 113,000 dollars
  • Yves Francois Blanchett $4,000
  • Subtotal $117,000

Total 5.1 million dollars

Source: Facebook with Benoit Skinazi from Sharethrough

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