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Lord – The Elder Scroll Online: Major improvements for the PS5 and Xbox Series release

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Being a part of Bethesda’s biggest titles, Which was recently passed under Microsoft’s control, The Elder Scrolls Online has been slow to hit new home consoles. Finished, the developer just announced the release of the enhanced version of PS5 And the Xbox Series X and S. More than a simple upgrade, this improvement promises significant improvements in terms of graphics.

Lots of work on the graphics

as such Rockstar Games promises an almost complete overhaul of GTA V For the new public consoles, Bethesda Softwork has done a lot of work improving The Elder Scrolls Online. Dans un communiqué officiel, le développeur a annoncé la liste des améliorations visuelles auxquels les joueurs pourront profiter en jouant au jeu vidéo sur PlayStation, mais aussi sur Xbox Series X et S. La liste est plutôt longue pour une optimization d’un très déjà good.

The first asset, an increase in frame rate is already impatiently waiting. Elder Scrolls Online will run at 60 frames per second on next-generation video game consoles. To do this, you must activate “performance” mode. Bethesda also promises to increase your viewing distance. Doubly, this will greatly improve the visibility of the vast map. Better yet, developers are taking advantage of the capabilities of new video game consoles to display textures in high definition. Tamriel and the entire world of Elder Scrolls Online will be displayed with better clarity on the big screens that gamers cherish so much.

That’s not all, Bethesda Softwork has also worked on ambient opacity and shadows in general. Hence, indirect lighting is displayed more precisely. Double the subtlety of the shadows. This is now similar to the Ultra mode already available on a PC. Exceptional efforts have also been made to develop reflections on flat surfaces. This makes the graphics more realistic, especially when there is water in the background. In addition, the improved polishing made it possible to achieve more accuracy and realism of the various components of the decoration.

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In addition to the graphics, the Bethesda developers also took the time to study the game’s load time, and it will now be shorter according to the studio. It even claims that this load time will be half the time recorded on old public consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). However, players on older generation consoles will be able to take advantage of the free upgrade which includes all of these improvements.

Scheduled release in June

While full details regarding The Elder Scrolls Online PS5 and Xbox Series have been revealed, the video game release will not come very quickly. We’ll have to wait until summer, June 8, to roll out this enhanced version of our new home consoles. A week earlier, on June 1, 2021, Bethesda will also release Blackwood, an expansion of the game that will only be available on PC.

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