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According to science, being single is good for you

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It’s not just science that says being single is good for you! In early 2021, many bachelors celebrate their statuses. If you are not convinced, let us convince you of the joys of celibacy.

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1. Being single increases productivity and creativity

Spending time alone is beneficial for every human being. Indeed, prof a study Demonstrates that loneliness stimulates creativity and productivity. If loneliness allows you to be happier and more satisfied, it is because it provides moments of healing. It also allows you to learn to become more flexible, without necessarily having to depend on others. Those who live alone feel more freedom!

2. Being single makes friendships stronger

Relationships are stronger and stronger, both for single men and women. a a study It showed that singles were more likely to deepen the bonds that bind them to their parents, siblings, neighbors and friends. They tend to be more open and therefore receive more support from their network than people in a relationship.

3. Being single allows you to be in better physical shape

It has been shown in a file a study, That people in a relationship have less healthy lifestyles than unmarried people. In general, they tend to exercise less. However, the fact of moving weekly helps maintain a healthy weight, in addition to reducing the risk of certain types of diabetes and cancer.

4. Being single is good for personal growth.

Singles have a better chance for psychological development, according to expert Bella Depaolo. They tend to be more independent and more determined. These two traits have been shown to facilitate the dissipation of negativity.

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