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Lucifer was the most watched on Netflix in the US according to Nielsen

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A new audiometer update has arrived Nielsen, which publishes a report on TVs and streaming service users every week NetflixAnd Amazon Prime Video, Hulu TV et al Disney +. This data arrives about a month late, with platforms generally not showing their true numbers.

The last report is gone Click the bait At the top, which indicates that money theft It was not as successful as in other countries. The following numbers reflect the survey of the first platforms, although we focus on them here Netflix. The exact data shown on television in the United States is The week from 13 to 19 September.

In this context, the most chosen series by subscribers of Netflix By far it was The devil. The Tom Ellis-starring show kicked off its sixth and final season on September 10 and arrived 1,588 million minutes watched, higher than what they achieved when the 5B delivery arrived at the end of May.

Click the bait He remained in second place (732 million minutes) while statment It occupies third place (712 million minutes). currently Netflix They didn’t release their numbers, but from what it showed Nielsen The big hit of the month so far The devil.

The next audience counter update will be rolling out from September 20th, so there will definitely be a big change if we walk away from what we’ve all seen: record-breaking squid game As the best premiere in broadcast history. I remember Nielsen scores screens in the US, so The devil He has a chance to stay at the top.

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