Lyons. Science Fiction and Politics at the 10th Edition of Les Intergalactiques

From April 21 to 26, for 10And Les Intergalactiques questions the political dimension of science fiction and its “links to countercultures”.

10And The science fiction festival edition of Les Intergalactiques focuses on villainy and vandalism. More broadly, programming will be dedicated to the political dimension of the Social Fund. Round tables, short film competition, concerts, events emphasize the reflection of many themes.

Other than Mark Carew – Co-Director of delicatessen Based on City of Lost Children – To talk about French science fiction? He will discuss this topic with YouTubers Le fossoyeur de film and Cap’tain du Nexus VI, specialists in genre and SF cinema. The meeting will be followed by a screening of the film Future decimals. Mark Caro’s choice, of his own, is a kind of absurd science fiction genre in which Jerry, a Nobel laureate, finds himself embroiled in Miss Bronner’s plan: fusing the bodies of his brother and sister to create the perfect man.

Nathan Cheese

10And Les Intergalactiques Festival edition, April 21-26.
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