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Well-known journalist and scientist from Carleton-sur-Mer Joël LeBlanc takes part in Science and Innovation Week.Photo: Radio Canada/Valerie Marco

Science and Innovation Week runs until May 19 in Carlton-sur-Mer. Organized by the Center for Initiating Research and Supporting Sustainable Development, CIRADD, this week includes about a dozen activities of a scientific nature. Among them, Carleton-sur-Mer journalist and science activist Joël LeBlanc will present his play “La stupidité naturelle”, which deals with the generation of scientific knowledge, critical thinking and cognitive biases. He will also host the Pint de science evening. In addition to these activities, he will also take part in the roundtable “Science and Media: Mission (M) Possible? on Friday as part of the International Journalism Festival in Carleton-sur-Mer. Joel LeBlanc joins us.