Machinex was selected to design and deliver an innovative sorting center in Phoenix

Machinex has announced the signing of a contract with Phoenix, Arizona to supply an all-new 30-ton-per-hour selective batch sorting center, which will be operational in 2023.

This project, among the most ambitious in a Placesville-based company, must be undertaken while its HR team is actively seeking several positions: engineering, production and factory, programming, after-sales service, installation, AI specialist and more.!

This project is part of an ambitious program the City of Phoenix has put in place to significantly reduce carbon emissions, while encouraging recyclable materials. The City of Phoenix aims to achieve zero waste by 2050, with a focus on waste reduction, recycling and reuse. To achieve this goal, creativity is essential to developing innovative and environmentally responsible solutions. This is how Machinex has been awarded the innovative project that meets the needs, both in terms of recovery rates and purity, and in terms of creating a positive social impact through the creation of new jobs.

“Our engineering force is working efficiently, in collaboration with our Research and Development (R&D) department, to design systems that integrate high-tech equipment, including our own artificial intelligence, for the purposes of performance screening, and increased worker protection. High-performance, reliable, at the service of the environment. At Machinex, the team works every day to advance Quebec’s knowledge of the environment on a global scale.”

As the management of recyclables is a global issue, Machinex is committed to providing solutions that incorporate the latest technology to address this issue. Thus, Quebec has offices and partner agents in North America, Europe and Australia, in order to adapt to local characteristics and offer the best possible solutions, for a more sustainable world.

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As it grows, the company is looking for new talent. It organizes, among other things, an interview day on May 13 at its offices in Plessisville, Prineville and St. Nicholas. More details are available on the Machinex Facebook page.

About Machinex

Machinex became the first Canadian company, in the 1980s, to design equipment for waste sorting centers. It quickly established itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of quality screening systems. Today, Machinex remains a leading company on the international stage, developing the latest sorting, waste management and recycling technologies. Over the years, Machinex experts have designed and installed hundreds of turnkey systems in collaboration with leading waste managers in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. To learn more about Machinex, visit

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