Major Ford Nation reshuffle less than a year before the election

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TORONTO – The prime minister of Ontario is radically reorganizing his government by changing about 15 portfolios. Condolences Ministers Mulroney and Lecce in their service. Ministers Yorick, Scott Walker, Yakabusky and Hardman are leaving the government. Rod Phillips, the ousted Treasury secretary following his vacation scandal in the islands while in detention, is back, once again, this time in charge of long-term care.

The ministerial sweep, the second since Ford came to power, comes less than a year after the upcoming county elections and as the crisis fades as vaccination progresses. The perfect time to put progressive conservative forces into a possible re-election process.

The most surprising date was the appointment of Rod Phillips. The former chancellor was forced to resign last winter after a stay in St Barth, and he returned to replace Merrill Fullerton. The long-term care minister, with consistent support from Doug Ford, has come under constant criticism from the opposition for her handling of the crisis in long-term care homes. Nearly 4,000 residents have died of COVID-19 during his tenure.

Reappointment of Minister Mulroney in Francophone Affairs

Ministers Elliott (Health), Lecce (Education), Bethlenvalve (Finance), Mulroney (Transport and Francophone Affairs), Sylvia Jones (Secretary General), Vic Fedele (Economic Development), Paul Calandra (House Speaker), Raymond Chu (Seniors ), Doug Downey (Attorney General) and McNaughton (Labour) confirmed their positions.

On the other hand, Ministers Yorick (Environment), Walker (Energy, Partner), Scott (Infrastructure), Hardman (Agriculture) and Yakabuski (Natural Resources), were disqualified, according to the first infractions obtained by the Canadian Press.

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Ministers Elliott, Mulroney, Bethlinvalve, Lecce, Jones, McNaughton, Fidely and Wickford retain their portfolios. Editing by Rudy Chaban

Among the new ministers are Parm Gill, Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism – New Ministry – Stan Chu, Assistant Minister for Transportation, Jane McKenna, Assistant Minister for Children and Women’s Affairs, Nina Tangri, Assistant Minister for Small Business and Paperwork, and Khaled Rashid, Assistant Minister for Digital Government.

Kinga Surma handles the infrastructure portfolio. It’s a promotion for whoever was until now Assistant Minister of Transport.

Another promotion: The Assistant Minister for Small Business and Administrative Reduction, Prabhit Sarkaria, has been appointed Chairman of the Treasury Board, a position that Peter Bethlenvalvi has held since 2018. The Minister of La Francophonie will thus focus on the Ministry’s strategic finances.

Jill Dunlop Post High School Profile

Jill Dunlop inherits the post-secondary education portfolio. So far, the Associate Minister in charge of Children and the Status of Women, will have the heavy task of working with the Ministry of Francophone Affairs to get out of the French Universities-Ontario crisis. His predecessor, Ross Romano, has been distinguished for his lack of initiative in this file since the cuts at Laurentian University.

Mr. Romano will now serve as Minister for Government and Consumer Services, replacing Lisa Thompson who is moving to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Todd Smith took over the management of the Energy Portfolio, leaving Children’s, Social and Community Services to Merrie Fullerton. David Bikini takes over from Jeff Yurick in the Department of Environment, Nature Conservation and Parks.

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Jill Dunlop takes over from Ross Romano in the Colleges and Universities Department. ONFR + assembly

The Ontario Francophonie (AFO) said it was “extremely excited” to work with Jill Dunlop on the university’s files.

“She has all the tools to make her mark in French-language post-secondary education in the province. We look forward to working with her to improve access to French-language post-secondary studies in the province and to sustain this access in the Middle East through the transformation at Sudbury University,” replied the chairperson AFO. , Carol Jolin.

From his point of view, the creation of the Department of Citizenship and Multiculturalism is also an interesting step. He believes that “having a ministry dedicated to immigration would boost French-speaking immigration in the province.”

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