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Manpower, equipment shortages, drivers, that’s what matters to leaders

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Inability to purchase new equipment and shortage of labor and driver inc. are the top issues facing fleet leaders in Canada, according to a new Nanos survey.

The survey, which was conducted on behalf of the Canadian Truck Alliance (CCA), was conducted on 36 senior executives representing companies operating more than 39,000 trucks.

Respondents say they have to turn down loads because the demand for services exceeds what they can offer. They said the supply chain is weaker than it was a year ago, hampering access to manufacturers, materials and parts.

34 out of 36 respondents cited labor shortages as their main concern.

Fleet commanders say they cannot purchase new equipment due to supply chain problems. (Photo: John J. Smith)

“We have been recruiting abroad for two years, and it is not easier, it is even more difficult. We have been waiting for applications for a year and a half. One said.

The inability to find new material is also a problem. One interviewee said, “I can’t buy a truck. I can’t buy a trailer for two years. The trucks will be unusable, but I still have to pay for them and that’s what’s happening today.”

Fleet executives have also complained about the Chauffeur Inc. business model. , which passes company drivers on as independent truck drivers to avoid certain taxes.

“The Chauffeur inc. It’s a problem that concerns a lot of good drivers in[this system]who are being exploited. For all of us who stay in a recruitment model other than Chauffeur Inc. , we end up paying (proper working conditions), like 10 days sick leave, etc.”, a disappointed CEO laments. If the government says so [Chauffeur inc.] That’s fine, then we’ll also have to change our model.”

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